Friendship, faith and loud music

Past participant Lui Mauboy tells us about his experience of NYALC.

Why did you decide to go to NYALC?

The person that encouraged me most was Jemma Whitaker (Youth Officer/Communications, Northern Synod). She said it would be a great experience, and it would be a great way to represent the youth from our Synod.  I thought it would be a great way to meet people and make connections around Australia.

Give us your Top 3 Highlights

– Sitting down together after the program of the day were done just to check in on each other. Sharing stories over tea and coffee, or playing music too loudly.

– Engaging in theological discussions without the need for formalities. It was great that ideas of faith and fellowship could be talked about and all views were respected and understood.

– Going to various agencies and churches around Sydney such as Uniting World and Wayside Church.

Final thoughts?

Not only will it help you develop in your faith journey, but you make friendships that stretch past borders.